Insights on digital trends in agriculture
Alexander Reichert
Sharing the “Why” Behind Your Digital Strategy

You have made the decision to implement a digital strategy into your ag retail business. Embracing digital tools can significantly improve the experience for your…

Pat Sullivan
Your Team is Key to Digital Success

Why a successful onboarding and internal rollout is crucial When AgVend Partner Retailers look to us for a digital engagement platform, they often do so…

Faye Bliese
6 Steps to plan for successful digital adoption

Plan and prepare for digital change to ensure successful adoption. When it comes to changing how we do things, most of us would say, “No…

Alyssa Speake
AgVend Welcomes Shane Thomas as Advisor

AgVend is pleased to announce the addition of Shane Thomas as a strategic advisor. In this role, he will help lead AgVend’s Canadian launch efforts…

Alyssa Speake
AgVend adds digital grain offering to its Grower Portals

Futures, cash bids, contracts, scale tickets, and other grain business data are easily managed through AgVend-built Grower Portals. Minneapolis, MN – April 8, 2021 –…

Faye Bliese
The Opportunity of a Digitally Enabled Ag Retailer

This article was originally published on CropLife. Change is certainly nothing new in agriculture. Neither is technology. From the introduction of fertilizer to hybrid seeds…

Faye Bliese
Adding Another Digital Tool Only Complicates the User Experience

Your stack of digital tools is actually making things more difficult for your customers Today, there seems to be an app for just about anything….

Alyssa Speake
AgVend – Agworld collaboration sets digital commerce standard

Integration between AgVend and Agworld creates a seamless digital experience for growers and their ag retailers Due to growing demand from agricultural retailers, AgVend, who…

Alexander Reichert
eCommerce Alone Won’t Cut It for Ag Retailers

This article was originally published on CropLife. Third-party eCommerce companies have failed to find a footing in ag because producers don’t want the traditional point,…