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We began in 2017 with a simple question, “Why don’t growers manage more of their business with their ag retailers online?” This transformed into a big-picture goal to constructively power digital enablement for ag retailers.
Our years working in the industry gave us a respect for the indispensable role ag retailers play with their producers. While others work to upend existing distribution channels, we instead look for ways to partner together and create efficiencies vs redundancies. With our eclectic backgrounds in agriculture, enterprise software, and digital marketing we began testing experiences that further strengthened the bond between ag retailers and their grower customers–introducing efficiencies rather than redundancies; turning challenges into opportunities. From there, we set out to find agribusinesses who shared that vision.
Today, the most innovative ag retailers are our partners. They are using AgVend Digital Enablement Solutions as their system of action, so they can increase their margins, reduce their cost of sale, and, ultimately, set a new standard for their customers at the farmgate.
And, we’re just getting started.
What We Stand For
Before the incorporation of AgVend our founders, Eli and Alexander, asked “If we were to start a company, what would we stand for?” They agreed on a set of core values that now govern every decision we make and process we implement, big or small. They are present in the people we hire, the products we build, and the customers we serve.
Take Ownership
At AgVend, we believe we are responsible for everything in our world. Each one of us has the power to realize opportunities, drive change, and delight our customers. We are humble enough to admit our mistakes and learn from our failures.
Care Personally
We are people first with lives and aspirations outside of our work. Our team brings our whole selves to work and we embrace our vulnerability. We seek to maximize growth and the long-term career success of our employees during their time with AgVend and beyond.
Challenge Directly
We embrace disagreements and trust in the constructive criticism and positive reinforcement of our teammates. We hold each other to the highest standards in every aspect and we are better for it.
Do What We Say We Will Do
We operate with excellence and the highest degree of integrity. We recognize that AgVend is a young brand in an industry built by companies with century-old logos. Thus we strive to deliver a new standard for what good looks like day in and day out. We set realistic timelines and pride ourselves on consistently hitting our targets.
Ask Why
It’s easy to fall into a normal workflow without questioning the “Why?” behind how we do things. We always strive to improve on the status quo of our own work as well as the work in our industry.
Where We Are
where we are on the map
Headquarters in Austin, TX
Local Coverage
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, AgVend operates a distributed team model with local coverage in all major US and Canadian ag regions. We believe in hiring the best people regardless of location, and pride ourselves on understanding and embracing both the challenges and the blessings of rural life.
Hear From a Few of Our Teammates
Head of Partnership Management
The best part about working at AgVend is having the opportunity to work alongside the top ag retailers and suppliers as they find new and innovative ways to grow their businesses
Partner Marketing Manager
What I like most about working at AgVend is the people, hands down. This team is filled with talented, passionate individuals who are laser-focused on building the best technology solutions for agriculture, and I am honored to be a part of it.
AgVend has such a unique, growth-oriented culture. I really enjoy being able to challenge myself and trying new solutions in building the most useful technology for our partners.
Sr. Account Executive
I love working at AgVend because the whole team shares the same vision. We are dedicated to the mission of helping our Partners grow their business in a more profitable manner. Supporting their digital transformation is very exciting!