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How It Works
Step 1
Search for available products
We work with a network of partner retailers to ensure product availability and geographic coverage.
Step 2
See deals from trusted retailers
Select the product offer that is right for you based on price, delivery options, available services, and more.
Step 3
Conveniently order and pay online
Enter your contact information and complete your order in minutes using credit card or ACH.
Step 4
Find out the partner retailer
In order to provide you with the best price, we keep the retailer hidden until you complete the order.
Step 5
We stand behind every order
The retailer will fulfill your order and AgVend will work on your behalf to resolve any questions or issues.
Customer Testimonials
Didn't have time to call around. Checked other guys online, then went on AgVend and got better prices. Placed order in minutes. Coming back for more!
Matt R.
Farmer from Minnesota
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