AgVend Inc.
AgVend powers North America’s most innovative retailers
Meet a few of our Partners
Craig Patty
VP of Sales & Marketing, River Valley Cooperative
“We can double our business without adding a new customer. With AgVend, our agronomy, grain, energy, and feed reps are empowered with tools that drive collaboration, unlock actionable insights, and ultimately increase wallet share.”
KC Graner
SVP of Agronomy, Central Farm Service
“Our team was tired of using multiple systems. Now we have one place to go for clear lines of sight into our customers and our business. That’s been huge for our entire team to adopt our AgVend-built platform.”
Retailers trust AgVend to strengthen their business
Improve Customer Experience
Offer your own branded, online platform and mobile app to make it easy for your customers to do business with you.
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Enhance Team Efficiencies
Empower your teams to do their best work through AgVend Team Hub and enable visibility and collaboration across agronomy, grain, and energy orgs.
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Grow Revenue
Increase wallet share and maximize cross-sell opportunities by harnessing real-time business intelligence and leveraging automated communication tools.
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Reduce Costs
Streamline your operations by digitizing and refining your processes from start to finish.
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AgVend Integrations
Our platform integrates with the top ag and energy ERPs, agronomy planning tools, grain offer management systems, and financing solutions to streamline data into a single, centralized view for your customers and team.
From field to office, smarter systems for your teams
A customer management tool teams want to use
Aggregate the puzzle pieces of the customer profile into one accessible customer management tool built for agronomy teams and their growers.
Actionable insight for agronomy sellers
Get a real-time view of your customers when you’re on the go and easily submit orders, execute digital contracts, and collect payments in one app.
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Maximize your team’s contracted bushels
Take action on contracted but not yet delivered bushels and identify cross-sell opportunities from the agronomy or energy business.
Give customers 24/7 access to manage their grain business
Growers can check commodity prices, submit offers, eSign contracts, view scale tickets and more anytime, anywhere.
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Make it easier for customers to do business with you
Give energy customers one easy app to eSign contracts, make digital payments, view tank details, schedule deliveries, and more.
Get visibility into energy sales and team performance
Build custom reports, goals, and dashboards to view all of your energy positions in real-time.
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Give growers a hassle-free way to work with you
Offer feed customers an easy way to view holistic account information, pay invoices, request pricing, see purchase history, communicate with your team, and more.
Expand customer relationships and sales
Identify feed prospects across team and easily share account notes to improve collaboration.
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