Maximize customer lifetime value
Identify high-impact cross-sell opportunities
Harness the power of real-time business intelligence data and in-depth customer wallet share analysis to identify and capitalize on your hottest sales opportunities.
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Improve customer relationships
A customer management tool built exclusively for Ag Retailers
Empower your front-line teams to augment the relationship with their customers that ultimately drive revenue. AgVend CRM arms your sales team with one holistic and actionable view of their customers.
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Unlock hidden revenue
Target the right audience with the right message, every time
Filter by role, geography, activity, behaviors, past purchase history, and more. Our robust platform allows you to personalize one to many communications that open up new revenue opportunities.
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Better decisions
Make data-driven decisions with actionable insights
Managers can leverage customer engagement and attribution dashboards to make better decisions, coach their teams to utilize their customer data, and allocate resources more efficiently.
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