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Cultivating a New Era in Ag Retail

In this webinar, AgVend CEO Alexander Reichert discusses the changing climate in ag retail and how to keep ahead of your customer’s needs. During the conversation, we dove into:

  • The evolution of digital commerce in agriculture and defining the future customer experience

  • Best practices when designing your own digital strategy

  • How our AgVend-powered Grower Portals are keeping our partners ahead of their customers’ needs

This is the first of a four-part series about integrating a digital strategy into your ag retail business. Join us for our next webinar, a live chat on June 25th, with Craig Patty of River Valley Cooperative regarding common considerations for digital solutions. Register here.

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Agronomy Sales
Tech-Driven Success in Agronomy Sales

During this engaging session, Agronomy Sales Coach, Greg Martinelli, moderated a panel discussion with Agronomy sellers from across the AgVend Partner Network. Listen in as they share personal experiences about the effective use of technology in their sales role. Highlights included:

  • Exploring Team Hub tools that drive efficiency and productivity.

  • Strategies for meaningful customer interaction and communication.

  • Practical time-saving tips for placing orders and other activities.

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The Future of Ag Retail

In this webinar, Tracy Linbo, SVP Commercial Officer at Grower’s Edge, joins Anna Cardoze for a discussion about the future of ag retail. During the conversation, we dove into:

  • How digital will be incorporated into ag retail in the next 5 years

  • The future relationship between a sales agronomist and a customer

  • What the ag retail landscape looks like in the next 5 – 10 years

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Digital Solutions are Enablers, Not Replacements for Agronomists

In this webinar, Connor Lankford of Valley Agronomics joins Anna Cardoze to discuss best practices for rolling out a digital tool both internally and externally. During the conversation, we dove into:

  • The importance of onboarding your organization at each level

  • Helping your team discover efficiencies through digital tools

  • Streamlining your sales process to gain key time savings of 20-30%

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