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Tech-Driven Success in Agronomy Sales

During this engaging session, Agronomy Sales Coach, Greg Martinelli, moderated a panel discussion with Agronomy sellers from across the AgVend Partner Network. Listen in as they share personal experiences about the effective use of technology in their sales role. Highlights included:

  • Exploring Team Hub tools that drive efficiency and productivity.

  • Strategies for meaningful customer interaction and communication.

  • Practical time-saving tips for placing orders and other activities.

Recent Webinars

The Future of Ag Retail

In this webinar, Tracy Linbo, SVP Commercial Officer at Grower’s Edge, joins Anna Cardoze for a discussion about the future of ag retail. During the conversation, we dove into:

  • How digital will be incorporated into ag retail in the next 5 years

  • The future relationship between a sales agronomist and a customer

  • What the ag retail landscape looks like in the next 5 – 10 years

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Digital Solutions are Enablers, Not Replacements for Agronomists

In this webinar, Connor Lankford of Valley Agronomics joins Anna Cardoze to discuss best practices for rolling out a digital tool both internally and externally. During the conversation, we dove into:

  • The importance of onboarding your organization at each level

  • Helping your team discover efficiencies through digital tools

  • Streamlining your sales process to gain key time savings of 20-30%

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A Chat with Craig Patty of River Valley Cooperative

In this webinar, Craig Patty of River Valley Cooperative joins Anna Cardoze to discusses the process of creating a digital initiative and selecting a technology provider. During the conversation, we dove into:

  • Getting buy-in from your team

  • How to know the right digital strategy for your business

  • Staying competitive in a digital environment

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