Multiple business units, one experience
Manage your agronomy business holistically:
  • Share field plans through the Team Hub for easier product booking and ordering
  • Secure greater control over inventory, pricing, and margin by integrating with your ERP
  • Bulk texting and two-way messaging allow for constant contact without the extra work
  • Make orders on the go and automate digital contracts to better monitor product position
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Customers can manage their grain business from anywhere through the Customer Portal, with 24/7 access to contracts, scale tickets, and cash bids:
  • Automatically send contracts with embedded eSign capabilities
  • Access scale tickets and delivery sheets digitally
  • Submit digital grain offers directly to DTN or Barchart merchandising platform
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Give your customers* and teams on-demand management of their energy accounts:
  • Enable efficient digital contract creation with eSign and prepay capabilities
  • Offer easy payment options, view past deliveries, and request quotes
  • Consolidate communication with smart notifications, digital ordering, and price sharing
*Includes agriculture, commercial, and residential energy customers
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Provide your livestock producers with a better way to do business with you:
  • View statements, pay invoices, and access purchase history
  • Request and receive feed quotes digitally for bagged feed products
  • Easy access to grain bank balances
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Advanced Drivers to further the digital experience
Customer Relationship Management
  • Surface to your sales reps the most relevant information about their customers
  • Identify cross-sell opportunities across your business units and product lines
  • See live wallet-share potential and understand farm-level penetration
Business Intelligence
  • Easily view metrics based on product, location, department, and more to optimize your company’s performance
  • Set and track organizational goals and keep your team executing in the same direction
  • Empower all your leaders to make data-driven decisions–no BI analyst needed
  • Stay top of mind with customers via automated emails, texts, and app notifications
  • Dynamically filter growers to send relevant and timely messages
  • Leverage AgVend’s team of digital marketers to strategize and implement best practices
  • Provide real-time pricing and product availability
  • Reduce time to AR with digital financial transactions
  • Open access to product labels for in-season rate and application questions
Accelerate growth with AgVend Digital Enablement Solutions
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