Our Core Values

“Our culture pervades everything we do, it is part of our foundation and exemplified every day in the actions of our team. Retrofitting one to a company is nearly impossible. ” -Alexander Reichert, CEO at AgVend  

Long before our first Partner Retailer came onboard, months before our first employee was hired, and weeks before the company was even named, our founders sat down together and asked, “If we were to start a company, what would we stand for?”

Since day 1, we have held true to the core values that Alexander and Eli discussed that sunny July morning. These values are our guiding principles for every decision we make, big or small. They are encapsulated in the people we hire, the products we build, and the customers we serve.


Take Ownership

At AgVend, we believe we are responsible for everything in our world. Each one of us has the power to realize opportunities, drive change, and delight our customers. We are humble enough to admit our mistakes and celebrate our failures. We revel in the opportunity to learn from our shortcomings and develop strategies to minimize the risk of repeating them.


Care Personally

We are people first with lives and aspirations outside of our work. Our team brings our whole selves to work and we embrace our vulnerability. We seek to maximize growth and the long-term career success of our employees during their time with AgVend and beyond.


Challenge Directly

We embrace disagreements and trust in the constructive criticism and positive reinforcement of our teammates. Setting clear performance expectations and having regular reviews is crucial for our team to produce the best work. We hold each other to the highest standards and we are better for it.


Operate day to day

Being flexible in our day-to-day tasks allows us to put our customer’s needs and satisfaction above all else. Having the ability to prioritize our work based on clearly set goals makes it possible for us to tackle issues and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. We believe in “TNT” (today not tomorrow) and not putting things off until tomorrow what can be done today.


Ask Why

It’s easy to fall into a normal workflow without questioning the “Why?” behind how we do things. It is possible to miss big opportunities if we aren’t constantly re-evaluating the ways in which we do things. We strive to improve on the status quo of our own work as well as the work in our industry.

We believe that it is important to let our customers know who we are and how we do business. These values are more than just words. They are our guiding principles that manifest in every aspect of our business. Our values represent the “how” that has led us to become the leader in powering the omnichannel experience for agriculture.

AgVend powers the omnichannel experience in agriculture. We provide ag retailers with white-labeled information, engagement, and commerce portals. Our suite of products is designed to strengthen the relationship between ag retailers and their grower customers. The AgVend team is comprised of individuals with backgrounds in agriculture, digital marketing, and omnichannel retail, and operates from dual locations in Minnesota and California.


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