Mutually Assured Success: AgVend Partner Summit 2023

Mutually Assured Success: AgVend Partner Summit 2023

The 2023 AgVend Partner Summit proved to be a success, spotlighting the optimistic spirit and innovative prowess within the agricultural industry, and more specifically within the AgVend Partner Network. Forward-thinking leaders from ag retailers across North America united around using technology to find and keep talent in rural areas, unlock revenue opportunities, drive change to remain competitive, and become a stronger, more unified agriculture industry.

Alexander Reichert, AgVend’s CEO, kicked off the event with an inspiring keynote outlining AgVend’s operating model and how the company’s success is inextricably tied to that of its Partner Retailers – hence the theme of Mutually Assured Success. The talk continued by unveiling updates to AgVend’s strategic initiatives of a digitally connected supply chain and enhanced productivity through automation and AI. Alexander concluded by reiterating AgVend’s focus on ensuring success at the farm gate for AgVend Partner Retailers today and well into the future.

“AgVend’s success is a collaborative achievement that we nurture alongside our ag retail Partners. It results from partnerships, shared vision, and a commitment to using technology in a way that connects and delivers real value to our industry and communities.”

Alexander Reichert, CEO & Co-Founder, AgVend

Building off of that message, the team recognized four different ag retail Partners who leveraged AgVend technology to drive a real return on their investment.

Improving the Customer Experience
By enabling growers to submit grain offers and sign contracts digitally, River Valley Cooperative made doing business easier, and cheaper. With 50% of contracts eSigned and >5M bushels through grower-submitted offers, they not only reduced grain-contracting costs by 43% but also gave customers a quicker, more convenient way to engage, enhancing their overall experience.
RVC Customer Experience Award - Partner Summit
Reducing Costs
Switching to digital processes saved Co-Alliance Cooperative a whopping $375K by slashing the time spent on manual tasks. Online customer payments surged by 108% year-over-year, showcasing a clear shift toward digital transactions. Co-Alliance Cooperative also managed to cut down credit card transaction fees by an impressive 62% year over year, resulting in substantial cost savings.
Co-Alliance Reducing Costs Award - Partner Summit

Enhancing Operational Efficiencies
Efficiency soared for NuWay K&H Cooperative as they digitized processes, cut down on manual tasks linked to agronomy and energy contracting and freed up two full-time team members to support other business areas. The time saved amounted to $60K, showing the impact of streamlining processes on both manpower and resources.
NuWay K&H Efficiency Award - Partner Summit
Growing Revenue
By securing over $750K in advertising revenue, The Rack fueled impactful digital marketing campaigns. These resulted in a substantial $2.5M in sales, showcasing the effectiveness of marketing through the platform. Additionally, this boosted awareness of supplier products and programs, amplifying their visibility and reach in the market.
The Rack Growing Revenue Award - Partner Summit

It was a testament to the transformative impact of technology adoption and collaborative partnerships in shaping the landscape for ag retailers and their customers. And, it was one of the highlights of this year’s Partner Summit.

The event continued and focused on enabling sales teams and creating opportunities. Industry leaders shared insights on how they are using digital tools, leveraging data, and implementing cross-functional strategies to grow revenue and expand market share.

“It’s crazy to think we can double our business without adding a new customer. With AgVend’s CRM, our agronomy, grain, and energy reps are empowered with tools that drive collaboration, unlock actionable insights, and ultimately increase wallet share.”

Craig Patty, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at River Valley Cooperative

Deep discussion took place on how to mitigate labor challenges with technology. The group challenged one another to consider unique strategies to attract and retain productive, happy employees. Change management was also highlighted, stressing adaptability and collaboration as crucial drivers of successful business optimization.

AgVend unveiled a forward-looking vision for their platform. This underscored AgVend’s commitment to advancing technology and empowering ag retailers to address the industry’s challenges today and in the future.

“We are committed to delivering value by bringing your teams and customers new opportunities and solutions to augment and enhance how you work together today.”

Eli Rosenberg, CPO & Co-Founder, AgVend

Another standout aspect of the Summit was the invaluable networking opportunities for participants to forge connections, exchange insights, and explore potential partnerships. The diverse backgrounds and expertise of attendees created a dynamic environment ripe for fostering innovation and driving positive change in agriculture.

At the 2023 AgVend Partner Summit, optimism and collaboration took center stage. AgVend is proud to partner with the most innovative ag retailers and set the stage for long-term, sustainable growth, exciting opportunities, and a future filled with even greater achievements and mutually assured success.

Watch the panel sessions from the 2023 Partner Summit:

Attracting, Retaining,
and Maximizing Talent

Enabling Sales Teams
and Creating Opportunities

Beyond Carbon: Opportunities in
Sustainability & Traceability

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