From Data to Decisions: AgVend Launches New BI & CRM Tools

An Approachable Path to Insightful Analytics for Ag Retail Leadership and their Sales Reps

Tracking your business performance and enhancing relationships with your growers just got easier. AgVend, the leading provider of digital engagement software to serve the producer of tomorrow, announced today the addition of Business Intelligence (BI) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Sales Drivers to their Grower Portal platform. These new package options provide ag retailers access to the data needed to make strategic business and customer decisions in real-time.

With the Business Intelligence Sales Driver, Partner Retailers have the ability to create and track goals across the company, specific locations, or individual salespeople, keeping their team motivated while being able to dial-in performance adjustments. This approachable, yet comprehensive, reporting tool means that any sales leader can access this information and derive value from the data, ie. no BI Analyst needed.

To compliment these business performance insights, the CRM Sales Driver is designed to amplify the quality of customer service that sales reps can provide. With streamlined access to grower information, automated insights, and key wallet-share indicators, salespeople can maximize their productivity while providing a highly personalized experience for their customers. As with all AgVend software, the CRM tool is designed and built “mobile-first” meaning that it is optimized for on-the-go use in their retailer’s native Apple or Android Sales Hub apps.

“When designing the Business Intelligence and CRM tools, it was critical that they work seamlessly together and generate meaningful and actionable insights for our users,” says Eli Rosenberg, VP of Product and Engineering and co-founder of AgVend. “With this additional information at their fingertips, our ag retail partners can focus on enhancing their customer experience and facilitate growth opportunities for their organization.”

These features complement AgVend’s current agronomy and grain tools that offer easy viewing of invoices, grain contracts, agronomic plans, and more. The new functionality will promote communications across business units and highlight cross-sell opportunities, from fertilizer to seed to grain and more.

“There are plenty of good BI and CRM software options designed for other industries,“ says Alexander Reichert, co-founder, and CEO of AgVend. “But ag is different, and listening to our partners we heard a common thread of feedback – the existing solutions are too complicated and/or require too much upfront data entry. We flip that concept on its head, making it easy to get going and derive insights from Day 1. ”

Continued expansion of the AgVend digital engagement platform is planned with the addition of an Energy Business Unit later in 2021 and a Feed Business Unit in early 2022. Similar to Grain and Agronomy, the BI and CRM Sales Drivers will be extensible to these new Business Units.


AgVend is the leading provider of digital engagement software to serve the producer of tomorrow. Our white-labeled information and commerce portals are designed to strengthen the relationship between the ag distribution channel and their grower-customers. The AgVend team is composed of individuals with decades of experience in agriculture, digital marketing, and enterprise software for the Fortune 500. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, AgVend operates a distributed organization model with local coverage in all major US and Canadian ag regions.

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