script img AgVend Unveils CRM+, The First CRM Built Exclusively For Ag

AgVend Unveils CRM+, The First CRM Built Exclusively For Agribusiness

CRM Austin, TX – November 28, 2023 – AgVend, the leading provider of digital enablement solutions for agribusiness, announces CRM+, the first of its kind to combine the horsepower found in horizontal software solutions like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 with the unique aspects inherent in the ag industry.

Designed to handle the complex field-level account structures and the varying ownership splits typical in farm management, CRM+ is crafted from the ground up for the mobile-oriented nature of ag retail teams. The tool provides one place for ag retail teams to optimize their opportunities from the field to the office, strengthening face-to-face interactions, safeguarding knowledge amid turnover, and unlocking new revenue opportunities.

“We saw our partners and prospects investing significant resources trying to either tailor CRMs not designed for ag or custom build their own solutions.” said Alexander Reichert, CEO and Co-Founder of AgVend. “These are costly endeavors that struggle to gain internal adoption and thus rarely deliver on the desired outcome.”

Unlike other CRM platforms, AgVend’s tools are designed to deliver value to teams right out of the box through a simple integration. Sales reps maximize their time while unlocking customer opportunities through automated insights, pipeline management, real-time forecasting, and centralized communications with AgVend’s CRM+.

“Before AgVend, our sellers weren’t out doing what they’re best at – selling – because they were stuck in the office juggling multiple tools and doing manual admin tasks,” said Amy Kinsler, VP of Sales & Marketing at Co-Alliance Cooperative. “We believe that AgVend’s CRM will streamline their daily activities into one comprehensive app so our sellers are more impactful and effective when they step on the farm. This platform will not take away from the relationship, it enhances it.”

AgVend’s CRM+ has fundamentally transformed workflows, heightened efficiency, and redefined the landscape of customer engagement in ag retail.

“From the beginning, we committed to use technology in a way that connects our industry and our communities.” Reichert added. “CRM+ leverages augmented intelligence as a means of empowering frontline teams with tools to do just that – enrich their relationship with their customer and drive productivity for the industry as a whole.”

Currently in an open-beta for AgVend Partner Retailers, CRM+ is slated for public release in 2024. AgVend invites interested parties to learn more.

AgVend is the leading provider of digital enablement solutions that transform the way agribusinesses operate and engage with customers. Through a robust integration ecosystem and white-labeled platform, AgVend’s system of action streamlines workflows from field to office, enabling frontline teams to offer more efficient, differentiated customer interactions.

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