Grower Portal

Your business. Your customers. AgVend technology.
Powered by AgVend technology, your branded Grower Portal is an integrated web and mobile application that keeps your business digitally connected with your customers. The Grower Portal integrates seamlessly with your existing business systems to provide your customers and team with the ability to view and pay invoices, access historical orders, request product prices, and much more.
The Grower Portal advantage for you and your customers
Your web and mobile app
Review and pay invoices
Access historical orders
Request prices for products
eCommerce Package
List products and accept transactions online with a complete eCommerce toolset. The eCommerce package enables your growers to browse products and make purchases online using multiple payment options.
Self Serve
Save time and don’t miss potential sales. Give your growers the ability to easily search products and prices, view product information, and place orders online.
eCommerce Package
Private Offers
Cut down on paperwork and abandoned orders. Follow in-person meetings or calls with a digital Private Offer that growers can review and order online.
eCommerce Package
Agronomy Package
Digitally send plans and recommendations to your growers. The Agronomy Package connects to your existing tools and enables your growers to view this information in one centralized location, from a website or a mobile app.
Plans and Recommendations
Digitally share agronomic plans and recommendations in real-time. Give growers the ability to view current and historical information from your agronomists.
Agronomy Package
Instant Pricing
Automatically price plans and recommendations by field and by acre. Enable your growers to make smart economic decisions by combining your product prices with your agronomic recommendations.
Agronomy Package
Credit Package
Provide growers secure access to their credit information. The Credit Package gives growers the ability to view their available balance, apply for additional financing, and use credit to place orders online.
Credit Balance
Cut down on credit check phone calls. Make credit balance easily accessible to growers and their sales agronomists online and in the mobile app.
Credit Package
Credit Application
Simplify the credit application process. Make your credit application available online and provide growers an easy and secure way to access it.
Credit Package
Credit Transactions
Make it easier for your customers to transact with you online. Enable your growers to use their line of credit as a form of payment when purchasing your products online.
*Requires eCommerce Package
Credit Package
Marketing Package
Send emails and targeted messages to stay connected with your growers. The Marketing Package makes it simple to keep your growers informed of your business developments and latest promotions.
Email Marketing
Keep your growers up-to-date with key information. Create relevant targeted emails about specific promotions or general emails for your latest business updates.
Marketing Package
Custom Push Notifications
Impact the decision making of your growers. Send custom notifications about Limited Time Offers directly to your growers’ mobile phone.
Marketing Package
Automated Messaging
Stay top of mind with your growers. Use rules-based reminders to keep your team and growers connected throughout the season.
Marketing Package
Hear from some of our customers about their Grower Portals
Agvend has been a good partner with our business, helping us create an e-commerce platform to serve our customers the way they want to be served. The team at AgVend is prepared to help you build an e-commerce platform.
Harlan Asmus, President AFS, Inc.
AgVend has been a great partner to work with. They’ve done a fantastic job at helping us get our Grower Portal up and running in a way that didn’t disrupt the day to day processes we already had in place. The whole team worked to really understand our business and how we did things, and build a product that allowed us to connect with our customers and not have to re-invent our entire process. From our perspective it was plug and play.
Connor Lankford, Precision Ag Manager